Core Orientation Device

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Features & Benefits
Designed to hold drill core in the same orientation as it was in situ so that all relevant structures can be measured and correctly recorded. The jig is made of jarrah with brass and aluminium fittings, no ferrous metal used. An orienteering compass is fitted to the jig to assist in fixing the correct azimuth of the core being measured.

Includes heavy duty safe case for transportation.

Drill Core Structural Orientations using α & β angles
A computer program such as DIPS or the GEOTECH module in GEOACCESS 2000 is used to calculate (and plot) the True Drip and True Dip Direction of the structure. The diagrams below show how to measure α and β angles.

When logging core for which the orientations are suspects, note the different intervals of core for which you have used particular orientations; e.g. for interval 425 to 480 metres, you used the "bottom of core" orientation mark at 456m depth.

Be comprehensive with the logging (but not too extravagant). We are trying to determine if there are consistent sets of structures. There is therefore no need to measure every feature. If there are clearly a number of structures of the same type, in the same overall orientation, then take representative measurements.

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