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Conveyor Curved Frame

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Features & Benefits

Please note that rollers are sold separately.

Your choice of roller conveyor will depend on the nature of the articles to be moved. Generally, goods that are heavy or less uniform in shape, or both, will require roller conveyors. Although each part of a gravity section has separate load capacities, it is important to note that the overall capacity of the section is dependent upon the combination of roller pitch, roller type and the method of support.

Available in both straight and curved sections, the side channel is made from thick material, folded into a ‘C’ section for strength. The cross members are made of inverted angle iron, strategically welded into position to reinforce the section and provide a bed for the rigid support.

There are standard lengths for straight sections (1500mm and 3000mm) and curves (45° and 90°). ‘Oval’ axle holes to suit our standard gravity rollers are punched for flexibility of roller pitch. Sections interlock to form a positive and secure join between frames, allowing the flexibility to add or reduce sections as required. Straight sections incorporate a bar coupler at one end and a hook coupler at the other. Curved sections have universal couplers at both ends. Manufacture allows the flexibility to provide non-standard lengths or widths upon request.

Westernex offers the option for customers to submit drafts or estimations of their own custom layout suited to their needs from which we can supply a quote.



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