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PVC Casing Cutter

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Features & Benefits
The PVC Casing Cutters are manually operated devices for internally cutting PVC bore casings with wall thicknesses that are less than 9mm. Typically these devices are used in the rehabilitation of drilling sites where casings protruding above the ground are to be cut off below ground level before being plugged. The two main features of the devices are the Cutting Head Assembly and the combined Handle Guide and Depth Stop Assembly. They are available in sizes to internally cut the following range of casings which are used in exploration drilling:

  • Size 100, Class 9 (Outside Ø114.3 Inside Ø104.6 Wall Thickness 4.85)
  • Size 100, Class 12 (Outside Ø114.3 Inside Ø101.7 Wall Thickness 6.3)
  • Size 125, Class 9 (Outside Ø140.2 Inside Ø128.4 Wall Thickness 5.9)
  • Size 125, Class 12 (Outside Ø140.2 Inside Ø124.9 Wall Thickness 7.65)
  • Smallest Casing Inside Diameter that cutter will fit inside Ø96
  • Size 150, Class 9 (Outside Ø160.25 Inside Ø146.9 Wall Thickness 6.7)
  • Size 150, Class 12 (Outside Ø160.25 Inside Ø142.7 Wall Thickness 8.8)
  • Size 175, Class 9 (Outside Ø200.25 Inside Ø185.2 Wall Thickness 7.55)-(optional with extension)

Casing sizes and classes are stated in accordance with AS/NZS 1477 PVC pipes & fittings for pressure applications.

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