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RayTrac RFID Drilling Systems

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Ray-Trac™ is an Australian invented and internationally patented RFID data writing, capture and storage system. It is exclusive to Westernex and provides total sample control, reduces labour, eliminates all errors and gives the best chain of custody for samples.

The Ray-Trac™ system replaces conventionally numbered or bar coded bags with microchip tags that are readable and writable with any drill data you want as well as traceable anywhere in the sampling chain by radio wave scanners.

As well as this the ‘smart’ scanners autonomously enforce company drilling and material handling rules thereby decreasing operator error and increasing safety. Benefits include; save drilling and sampling costs, increase your sampling system efficiency, track your samples live, increase safety.

In a time of industry cost consciousness and when new technologies can assist then it’s time for RayTrac™.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology allows you to record and track uniquely identified bags at each point in the sample chain between the rig and the lab. Unlike bar-codes, it works through mud, water and other objects. Also unlike bar-codes, it works instantly and effortlessly, reducing the time to track and handle samples and freeing your field staff to do more productive tasks.

The RayTrac™ RFID sampling system is built for the drilling environment and can take a beating which has been proven in the harshest field environments time and time again.


  • Automate your drilling sampling programs, reducing onsite supervision
  • Reduce your sampling loss and costs
  • Increase the integrity of your drill program
  • Decrease manual handling in the field and decrease labour
  • Standardise drilling across operations with best practice protocol
  • Improve onsite quality assurance and quality control

Contact Westernex today for a brochure or demonstration of the cost saving benefits and competitively priced RayTrac Sampling Automation System.

RayTrac Sampling Automation allowed us to reduce our labour time and track our samples effectively from the hole through to the lab, thus improving the efficiency of grade control sampling and saving us money

K.Sutton, Snr Geologist,Sunrise Dam Mine, AngloGoldAshanti




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