westernex 1151-10020

Flexistack Mesh (1000um & under)

SKU: 1151-10020

: Metre


Features & Benefits

Flexistack sieves and mesh are purchased separately

  • Body: high impact polystyrene
  • Nominal Diameter: 200mm
  • Injection moulded for precise taut mesh fitting
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble stackable frames using stainless steel lever
  • Each part replaceable if required
  • Light weight and contamination free
  • Flexible choice of synthetic mesh from 5 microns to 1000 microns (1mm) Can use larger mesh cloth but you will need to retain it with the O-Ring
  • Benefits: Flexistack sieve rings provide an entirely new system of flexible screening - with excellent benefits for sizing and sampling.
  • Multiple samples can be handled simultaneously. Drum-tight screens promote efficient screening, meet the highest screening standards and cut screening costs. If the screen cloth is damaged, it is replaceable quickly and easily.
  • Flexistack is designed for use with nylon screen cloth, but will also accept polyester and polypropylene mesh. Both the screen cloths and the Flexistack unit are readily taken apart for easy cleaning. All components are clearly marked for easy identification and rapid re-assembly.

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