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OREAS Certified Reference Materials

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Features & Benefits

Why select OREAS CRMs?
Unsurpassed Quality | Uncompromised Control

  • Superior risk mitigation with world class CRMs
  • Gold homogeneity demonstrated at the 1g level
  • Comprehensive and traceable Certificates of Analysis
  • DataPacks (Excel format) incorporating all round robin results
  • OREAS SuperCRMs® featuring method-specific certification of full ICP-OES and MS suites
  • Prepared from natural ores and rocks with certification to ISO standards
  • 2 day turnaround on most orders – exports to 1200 customers across 104 countries
  • 165 OREAS CRMs covering many mineralisation styles
  • Robust single-use packets (custom or 10g for base metals, 60g for gold) and jars
  • Fast global shipping, serviced by knowledgeable staff
  • Custom CRM projects servicing 163 clients worldwide (50-5000kg batch size)
  • Guaranteed homogeneity for all commodities including precious metals

Another industry leading innovation enabling control over complete ICP-OES and ICP-MS element suites with a single CRM

  • 4-acid digestion (up to 49 elements)
  • Aqua regia digestion (up to 44 elements)
  • Fusion - borate and peroxide (up to 44 elements)
  • Borate fusion XRF majors and traces (up to 22 elements)
  • Infra-red combustion furnace (C and S), Loss On Ignition

58 SuperCRMs® currently available
Blank/Geochem, Cu oxide ore, Cu sulphide ore, Au-Cu porphyry ore, Au-Ag-Cu epithermal ore, Fe-rich anomalous soil (lateritic Ni-Cu-PGE), Ni laterite ore, Ni sulphide ore, REE-Nb carbonatite ore, U ore, W-Fe ore, Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag-Au VMS ore


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