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ThunderBolt 2™

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Features & Benefits
The ThunderBolt Lightningman detector uses a proprietary technology to detect and determine the distance to remote lightning activity. It detects, identifies and tracks “Cloud to Ground” lightning activity within 100 kilometers of the users location.


  • Drill and Blast crews
  • Surveyors
  • Environmental Scientists and Technicians
  • Geologists
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Electrical workers and Linesmen
  • Sports and recreation clubs
  • Boating enthusiasts
  • Camping and outdoor activities


Hand held detectors such as the Thunderbolt 2 detect the unique radio frequency signatures associated with already active lightning. Such devices cannot predict a first strike, or monitor any of the measurable conditions leading up to a first strike.

Those who may look to use the benefits of hand held detection technology, must do so knowing that the devices have these limitations, and in every instance when the detector alerts, that certain safety procedures must be immediately enacted, such as communicating the lightning warning to those who may be at risk, and direct those at risk immediately find a safe area, until such time as threat has seen to have passed.

The use of lightning detection equipment should be used in conjunction with the 30 /30 rule.

It is recommended that the use of any Lightning Warning or detection systems be used strictly under a Lightning safety policy which describes the known safe locations where persons should wait out the threat, and highlights those unsafe locations where persons should seek to avoid.

Standard Configuration

  • Main unit
  • Hard carry case
  • AC charger & battery

Optional Extras

  • DC charger
  • Belt pouch
  • Wall mount
  • Desk mount

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