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Scale not Included, as we have a number of different options available.

1. Dry the sample at 110 °C for a period of 24 hours ± 4 hours. This will remove any trapped moisture from the interior of the sample and ensure that a true dry bulk density is achieved. After drying, allow the samples to return to room temperature prior to testing.

2. Determine the dry weight of the sample and record this weight as W.

3. Fill the water tub and set up the scale to be bottom loading. The water level in the tub should be deep enough to fully cover the sample in the basket. Allow the water to come to room temperature and then check that the water is at 20-23°C and at a specific gravity of approximately 1.

4. Attach the sample basket to the bottom of the scale as shown in the diagram below. Make sure to tare the scale out prior to starting testing.

5. Place the sample into the basket and record the weight as the suspended weight (S).

6. Calculate the volume (V) as the difference between the original dry weight (W) and the suspended weight, S.

7. Calculate the bulk density by dividing the dry weight (W) by the volume (V).

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