80L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

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Features & Benefits
The MAX-120HC is an industrial grade spill kit that offers a solution to oil & fuel spills in the workplace – this could be in a truck yard, petrol station, or mine site. The hydrophobic absorbent present in the MAX-120HC exclusively absorbs oil and fuel while repelling water, making it ideal for marine applications. These absorbents are far more effective at oil and fuel absorption than our universal and
chemical variants. This unit occupies minimal floor space and is easily wheeled on uneven terrain to a spill. The MAX-120HC can absorb spills up to 120 litres in volume and can contain much larger spills to isolate contaminants from waterways.

Kit contains:
3 x 3.0m absorbent minibooms
50 x 410mm x 460mm absorbent pads
1 x 10kg MaxSorb premium floorsweep
1 x industrial brush & pan set
1 x elbow length PVC gloves
4 x printed disposal bags
1 x 120L labelled wheelie bin
1 x product instruction sheet including re-order form

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