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Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter

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Features & Benefits
The Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter is a versatile measuring tool for finding the area of regular and irregular shapes on 2-dimensional maps, plans, and drawings. It measures elongated shapes, lines and circular areas, removing the need for grids, charts, or calculators. The measuring accuracy is better than +/-0.2 percent, so its results are precise and reliable. It features a numeric keypad and all results are instantly displayed on the clear LCD screen while you measure. This is the perfect tool for architects, medical professionals, surveyors, designers, forestry, engineers, and anyone that measures objects on maps, plans, or drawings.

  • Display capacity: 8 digits output/input HOLD, MEMO, BATTE, READY, cm2, in2, SCALE, m2, km2, ft2, acre
  • Display Method: LCD with zero suppression
  • Measuring range: 3000 × 300mm
  • Resolution: One digit corresponds to 0.1cm2 or 0.01in2
  • Accuracy: Better than ±0.2% (±2/1000 pulses)
  • Power: Internal NiCd or AC Adaptor
  • Operating hours: After 15 hours recharge: 30 hours
  • Dimensions: 150 × 240 × 39mm (main body) 183 × 260 × 64mm (case)
  • Weight: Approximately 650g

What's in the box

  • Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter 365170
  • Carrying case
  • NiCad rechargeable battery
  • AC adapter/charger

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