Sample Storage Clear Trays-Jumbo

SKU: 1118-40006

: Each

Features & Benefits

Contains: 2 compartments
Capacity: 75g per compartment
Material: GP Styrene
Weight: 45g

This system was designed to overcome several problems in sample collection and storage. The thin plastic and paper envelopes previously used were found to be non-transparent for viewing purposes, often split, were lost, frequently too bulky for efficient storage, and difficult to access for in-house geological reviews.

The sample trays are manufactured in a durable plastic called GP Styrene, which has excellent clarity for microscopic examination, and the fluorescence in oilfield samples can be reliably seen under ultraviolet light. The trays are stackable, allow easy access, reasonably strong, and will not deteriorate over long storage periods.

This system is suitable for a variety of professions and hobbies including: coin collectors, embroiderers, fishermen, fossil collectors, prospectors, and mineral museums.

  • Excellent clarity for microscopic examination
  • Reliable visibility of the sample fluorescence under UV light
  • Stackable, allow easy access, and reasonably strong
  • Will not deteriorate over long storage periods
  • Will not degrade under sunlight

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