Sample Storage Plywood Box

SKU: 1118-40007

: Each

Features & Benefits
Storage box only with no trays, so you can customise your needs as per your requirements. 25 x 25 x 23cm.

This system was designed to overcome several problems in sample collection and storage. The thin plastic and paper envelopes previously used were found to be non-transparent for viewing purposes, often split, were lost, frequently too bulky for efficient storage, and difficult to access for in-house geological reviews.

The wooden sample storage boxes hold the sample trays securely and are also stackable and durable. This system is a definite improvement on the paper and plastic envelopes previously used which proved to have very a short shelf life.

This system is suitable for a variety of professions and hobbies including: coin collectors, embroiderers, fishermen, fossil collectors, prospectors, and mineral museums.

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