Imago: Geoscientific Image Management Solutions

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Imago: Geoscientific Image Management Solutions

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CAPTURE Streamlined capture from any source
CATALOGUE Share and see more in your images
CONNECT Access images where you need them
LEARN Generate insights from machine learning predictions

Features & Benefits
Imago is a platform to extract knowledge from geoscientific imagery. It consolidates images from any source, transforms them into meaningful insights and then connects them to the appropriate geological or mining activity. It is part of a new generation of digital solutions for modern mining.

Imago’s Pixel Platform can transform your inconsistent imagery—both digital and physical images—into consistent digital imagery embedded with accurate metadata and easily retrievable within the Imago portal as well as accessible within your other geoscientific software such as Leapfrog 3D, Vulcan, DataMine, ArcGIS, and others.

Benefits of Imago Data Import

  • Access ALL of your legacy data quickly from a single location and make it available within your other geoscientific tools
  • No more need to ask someone to email or text you a specific borehole image
  • No more inconsistent image filenames, or inconsistent image storage, with some images stored in one place and others stored somewhere else
  • Accurate embedded metadata (such as hole_id, depth from, depth to, etc)
  • Optimized images (cropped correctly, rotated, autocorrected)
  • Centralized access and storage of ALL your images, even images that were once only physical images
  • Let the image experts do the busy work and save you time

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