Bulk Bag Forklift/Crane Jib

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Features & Benefits

The bulk bag jib is designed to safely handle and move bulk bags by both forklift and overhead crane.

  • Versatile design allows easy transfer from forklift to crane and vice versa
  • Fitted with four safety swivel hooks for securing the bulk bag straps at 800mm centres
  • Allows for one handed connection and disconnection of straps
  • Certified to relevant Australian Standards
  • Zinc finish
  • Pocket Size: 185 x 85mm
  • Pocket Centres: 500mm
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 2000kg
  • Unit Weight: 60kg
  • Load Centre: 450mm
  • Hook Centres: 800mm

Duffle Top (DT), Spout Top (ST), Closed Bottom (CB), Spout Bottom (SB)
Other sizes available on request.
All our manufacturers abide by the ETI code and are SWL rated.

Duffle Top (DT): A Duffle Top is an extension of the bag itself and is folded down to make the top of the bag completely open.

Spout Top (ST): A spout top is primarily when bags are being filled by a machine.

Flat/Closed Bottom (CB): The flat bottom bag is exactly that, a closed bottom. It is completely shut off with no openings for product to escape at all.

Spout Bottom (SB): The spout bottom has a spout on the bottom of the bag that, when being filled, is tied up to give the bag a smooth, flat bottom. The Spout is used to discharge the product from the bag by pulling open the spout and allowing the product to flow out. The spout can be used to only empty a portion of the bag (by tying it off ) leaving the bag partly filled, or it can be used to slow the rate at which the bags empties.

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