JK4.0 Klamp

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Order the interchangeable clamps to fit your specific drop pipe. JK4.0 Klamp comes with your choice of one size Jaw set. 

The serrations on the jaws are machined with a precision CNC mill to the exact pipe OD dimension which increases holding capacity and reduce pipe distortion.
Jaws are made from high-grade carbon steel and heat-treated for strength dependency and long life.


  • Interchangeable jaws to fit specific pipe needs
  • Excellent holding capability, tested with loads over 3500 Ibs
  • Designed to hold PVC, HDPE, rolled PE and galvanised pipes.
  • Safety pin to prevent accidental unclamping
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Size adjustment and tension bolt designed inside of the front jaw to be protected from dirt and water.
  • larger platform base stability and a better fit on larger diameter casing.
  • High-grade heat-treated steel jaws


Jaw sizes: 1" , 1 1/2", 1 1/4" , 2" , 3/4"

Workable material: PVC, Galvanised steel, HDPE, Rolled PE pipe (Not intended for bare steel drill rods)

PVC load rating: 3500Ibs

Galvanised rating: 7000Ibs

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