Maglite ML150LRX Rechargeable LED Flashlight-1082 Lumens

SKU: 1138-86531

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The MAglite ML150LRX is the first flashlight to employ that recently-patented technology, which is exclusive to Mag Instrument. So it is no coincidence that the ML150LRX™ is also Mag Instrument’s first thousand-lumen flashlight – despite its modest weight and dimensions. Its C-cell-size format puts it squarely in the “Mid-Size” category. The ML150LRX is also Mag’s first mid-size flashlight to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery chemistry, which affords greater safety than older rechargeable chemistries and allows faster recharging (about 2.5 hours from “dead” to “full”).

Special features:

  • Matte anodised finish
  • Individually serial numbered
  • The pair of bands encircling the barrel of the Mag Charger flashlight is a trademark of Mag Instrument

3 brightness levels:

  • High – 1082 lumens / 3h15min
  • Low – 138 lumens / 18h
  • Eco – 25 lumens / 79h

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