Plant-based Green Bio Bags





Plant-based Green Bio Bags
Westernex has been busy researching, testing, and trialing over the years to find the perfect solution!
Just like all of our new products – we will never rush this process and would not feel comfortable ever launching a product until it is 100% perfect and ready to go out in the field. Previous attempts have left us with bags that do not withstand the harsh environments out there, Bags that do not degrade properly or falsely labeled “Eco-friendly” options that still had trails of micro-plastic.

Biodegradability and Compostability
These Bio Bags are a biodegradable and compostable bag manufactured using the latest resin consisting of PLAT, PLA and Sustainable Corn Starch. This unique blend provides the mechanical properties required of a mining bag both in toughness and strength. This means that it can contain fines and remain waterproof, whereas other options such as hessian or calico bags cannot. These bags have been subjected to various standard requirements by different agencies all around the world.

Testing Authorities Certification  
Din Certo, Germany EU Standard EN 13432  
Biodegradable Products Institute, USA USA Standard ASTM D6400/ D6868
Australian Bioplastic Association Australian Standard AS4736/ AS5810
Austria TUV, Austria OK Compost Industrial


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