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Core Cutting Facility Container

Almonte Automatic Core Cutting Facility Features & Benefits

The most efficient and safe way to cut core in the comfort of air-conditioning, fitted with the world’s safest and vastly superior truly Automatic Almonte Core Saw.

This fully air-conditioned, insulated modified refrigerated container has been converted into the best core cutting facility on the market. Available as a permanent fixture or to be used as a portable cutting station, trays are loaded with core to be cut and then exit out of the other end, ready for sampling.

The PVC strip curtains prevent flies and help to keep the cool air inside the container.

There is a roller door on the side, which is perfect if the team is short-staffed, as one person can cut and sample at the same time by positioning the pallet and empty cage behind them. Having a roller door on the side, also make it possible to easily lift out the core saw with a forklift if you ever want to re-purpose the container in years to come.

images NXM Coresaw 3 scaled - SKU 1148-90000

Each standard Core Cutting Container comes with:
▪ Almonte Automatic Core Saw
▪ Almonte Recycle Water Unit
▪ Split system air conditioner
▪ Roller Racking – Entry Racks in the door and Exit Racks out the rear
▪ Internal Lighting
▪ Personnel Door in Side of Container
▪ 3 Phase Power Sockets
▪ PVC Strip Curtains
▪ Roller door on the side (with forklift access)

The standard unit is available to hire or buy.

You can customise these containers and add/remove options and accessories to suit all your needs. The most popular options are:
 ▪ Water storage 1000L IBC
Palift Turntable – Spring Combo (Required on order)
Diesel Generator DCA-35
▪ External water recycling unit
▪ Core Photography/Logging and SG station.
▪ Extraction fan over the Almonte Saw
▪ Electronic air curtain
▪ Fridge