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Palift Turntable

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This simple, automatic unit is ideal for most pallet loading applications. It incorporates a turntable to allow nearside loading and a system of springs and shock absorbers which lower and raise the unit as pallets are built up and broken down, to maintain a constant working height. No power or air supply is required.

  • Maximum Working Capacity: 2000kg
  • Maximum Height (Extended): 709mm
  • Minimum Height (Compressed): 239mm
  • Platform Top: 1100 Ø
  • Durable Fully Galvanised Frame: Yes
  • Product Weight: 150kg

How does Palift work?
Pallet Levellers resemble scissor lift tables. They have a platform top and a base connected by a pair of scissor legs. The levelling mechanism is a set of springs tuned to the weight and height (the density) of the product. Pallet levellers work automatically to raise or lower as the weight changes. Load setting is a simple process and for most users springs never have to be changed. A shock absorber prevents any bounce and all Australian Palifts are supplied with a standard galvanised finish.

Durable and tough, with zero power requirements, Palift can be used in a wide range of applications including warehousing, packing, wash down and other harsh environments.

By automatically keeping a pallet or stillage at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods, Palift dramatically reduces the effort required to palletise and depalletise goods. Our proven design is incredibly robust and will endure many years of daily use without maintenance.

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