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Plant-based Green Bio Bags

Which materials are Bio Bags made from?

Made of plant-based resin consisting of PLAT, PLA, andBio_Bags_Life_cycle.png
sustainable Corn Starch, these plant-based Green bags are biodegradable, compostable. They do not produce any toxic material in the soil.

Features & Benefits
▪ Australian Compostability Standards: AS4736
▪ This product does not produce any toxic material when composted, there would be no harm to plants and earth creatures.
▪ Plant-based Green Bio Bags are Eco-friendly and compost through microbial activity and leave no trace of plastic in the soil.
▪ UV stabilisation ensures longer life expectancy.
▪ Get one step closer to your mine site ESG target.
▪ Saving the cost of labour to empty and bury the plastic bags.
▪ Removing the horrendous, filthy, heavy, and dangerous work can cause backache and injuries to employees and save them time and energy for more productive tasks.

Testing Authorities Certification
Din Certo, Germany EU Standard EN 13432  images Bio bag logoJPG - SKU B11-BIO.
Biodegradable Products Institute, USA USA Standard ASTM D6400/ D6868
Australian Bioplastic Association Australian Standard AS4736/ AS5810
Austria TUV, Austria OK Compost Industrial