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Brunton Standard Transit Compass 0-90

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Features & Benefits
Every Angle, Every Direction The Axis was invented by geologists for geologists and features a significant new twist on the pocket transit that is designed especially for easier geological measurements.

  • Lid rotates around major and minor axes to provide a multitude of measuring capabilities
  • Hollow hinge doubles as sighting tube
  • Only one measurement configuration is necessary to determine strike and dip, trend and plunge, and bearing and vertical angle
  • Compass North is oriented parallel to the main hinge axis making the AXIS the only transit capable of measuring strike and dip simultaneously through contact or sighting methods
  • Lid protractor and 360° rotation around the minor axis provide accurate, concurrent trend and plunge measurements on any surface- also overhangs
  • Needle-locking mechanism, induction dampening for fast stabilisation, magnetic adjustment for east or west declination settings to ±180°
  • Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum Billet and features O-rings for waterproof protection
  • Hinge Clinometer (Dip Angle) Accuracy: ±1° with 2° graduations
  • Inclinometer Accuracy: ±0.5° with 1° graduations
  • Lid Protractor Accuracy: ±0.5° with 1° graduations
  • Magnetism: NdFeB rare earth magnet on sapphire jewel suspension
  • Dimensions (Closed): 3.92” x 2.78” x 1.125”. Weight: 12.9 oz

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