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Compass Freiberg Mirror & Collinator

Features & Benefits

  • Facilitates direction and inclination measurements for reconnaissance
  • The measurement of minor compass traverses
  • Orientation in the terrain
  • General field-geological work
  • Mirror on the internal surface of the dip measuring plate for observing and reading the magnetic needle and graduated circle for different targets
  • Notch and bead sights for nearly horizontal sightings in the terrain
  • Collimator sighting arrangement
  • For any inclined aiming at terrain spots
  • For the direct combination of inclination and direction measurements for topographic sighting
  • High pointing accuracy
  • Thanks to the collimation principle the sighting is independent of the power of accommodation of the observer’s eyes
  • Easy to detach if not used
  • Ground magnetic needle placed on edge
  • Permanent locking of the magnetic system – can be released during measurement by depressing the push-button and should be used for shortening the setting time
  • Easy adjustment of the graduated circle
  • Lockable inclinometer for inclination measurements of high accuracy
  • Colour coding on circle of altitude and magnetic needle (according to Clar) – unambiguous determination of the direction of dip of geological formations
  • Circular spirit level for levelling, lateral glass tube for measurement at points of difficult access
  • Dip measuring plate
  • Reading of dip angle
  • Protection for the glass cover
  • Comes with Compass Leather Case

- SKU 1121-10004