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Essa® DO2 Drying Oven

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Reduced operational costs: a trolley type oven saves energy and time.
Fast drying times, reduced fuel costs and less spillage of hot air into the work environment: quick oven loading and unloading ensures minimal heat is lost from the oven.
Improved worker health and safety: the wheeled trolley provides excellent sample mobility. There is no need to lift samples manually around the laboratory.
Improved quality: stainless steel lining reduces corrosion, minimising sample contamination.
Increased productivity: uniform and optimised drying is provided by a stainless steel recirculating fan and dampening valves.

Other Features
Sample mobility: one trolley can be loaded at the sample delivery point while another is drying samples. The dried samples can be wheeled directly to the next process point.
Ergonomically designed trolley: fitted with heavy duty, large diameter steel wheels and wire mesh shelves.
Longer frame life: internal lining fixed using stainless steel blind rivets prevents moisture transfer.
Improved thermal efficiency: insulated walls, 5mm steel plate floor and positive door closure and sealing minimise energy loss.
Personal safety: robust door latch has an internal release so operator cannot be locked inside.
Improved quality: digital temperature control provides precise and accurate control of drying temperature which can be critical for geochemistry applications.
Improved safety and longer element life: automated over temperature control plus separate thermocouple and mechanical thermostat circuit.
Flexible installation applications: gas-heated ovens also available.

Technical Data
Number of cabinet doors 1
Internal volume 5.3 m3
Number of trolleys 2
Trolley dimensions 0.60 m wide x 1.40 m deep x 1.62 m high
Shelves per trolley 9
Total shelf area per oven 15.12 m2
3 phase energy requirement 12 kW
Fan Stainless steel, centrifugal/forward curved
Construction Stainless steel interior, glass fibre insulation, corrosion resistant zinc anneal, painted exterior
Recommended Operating Temperature 105oC
Recommended Maximum Operating Temperature 120oC
Thermocouple Type K
Elements 3 x 4 kW
Internal dimensions 1.60 m wide x 1.70 m deep x 1.90 m high
External dimensions 1.83 m wide x 1.93 m deep x 2.24 m high
Standard oven is electrically heated. LP and natural gas models also available.

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