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Ground Water Sampling

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Features & Benefits

BioBailersTM are made from landfill-biodegradable* PVC, and will only start to biodegrade once in a microbe rich environment such as a landfill.

They do not require high oxygen or temperature to biodegrade such as in a commercial compost.

Achieve the same groundwater sampling integrity as non-biodegradable bailers but more responsibly.

Available in clear PVC or weighted PE (polyethylene)

  • Lab tested and verified
  • Only starts to biodegrade* when discarded in a landfill
  • Sealed in biodegradable* packaging for cleanliness
  • Comes with a free biodegradable* emptying device
  • Standard BioBailersTM are 38mm diameter for standard 50mm monitoring wells
  • Narrow BioBailersTM (19mm) are ideal for small diameter wells
  • Hydrocarbon only BiobailerTM makes sampling LNAPL / PSH easy
  • Other plastic bailers can take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill**
  • BioBailersTM will biodegrade to form humus (plant food). Estimated to take around 5 years in a typical landfill*
  • Box of 24*Biodegradation has been verified by independent laboratory using ASTM D5511 for anaerobic landfill conditions.

    ** Source www.recycling-guide.org.uk/facts

    Need to sample LNAPL / PSH?
    The easiest and most cost effective way is with the Hydrocarbon only or HC BioBailers.
    HC BioBailersTM allow you to collect floating LNAPL / PSH from a well, without collecting water.
    The ball valve is denser than LNAPL but lighter than water so it pushes water out of the bailer while keeping the LNAPL. These bailers also have a wider mouth than regular bailers, allowing you to collect more LNAPL with each bail. Like all BiobailersTM they are landfill-biodegradable.