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CORTEX RFID Bag Scanners

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RFID Scanner Kit
Other than Sample ID the barcodes or RFID tags that the scanner reads, the unit is configured for logging the
following against predefined entry such as:
▪ Time of Capture
▪ Project Code
▪ Hole ID
▪ Sample From
▪ Sample To
▪ Sample Type
▪ Sample Method

▪ These fields typically correspond with sample data tables from geological database systems such as acQuire.
▪ As a stand-alone product the scanner can output this data to a CSV file, which can then be altered to the required format for input into a third-party system.

As with all Cortex Companion applications, this unit can be integrated into the wider Cortex ecosystem such as the NURV for real-time data monitoring and cloud-based analysis.

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