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Alpha Beta Core Tool

Features & Benefits

  • Measure the α & β angles of your core rapidly and easily
  • Lightweight anodised aluminium
  • Easy to use and foolproof
  • No need for tapes and a protractor
  • Caters to both whole and broken core

The Alpha Beta Core Tool makes measuring α & β angles a simple task. The design and concept for this device evolved from the frustration with past techniques involving tapes and protractors – which are both easily misplaced and less efficient to use. This device ensures an accurate and easily attainable way to collect data. Used by geo-technicians and the like. Suitable for both whole and broken core samples.

α: angle of the planar feature relative to a core axis that is measured along the longest axis of the ellipse
β: angle of the circumference between the orientation reference line and the long axis of the ellipse

Shims are flat, elongated metal strips that are glued to the core tool to convert it to accommodate other core sizes. These are sold in sets of 3.

Note: Set of 3 shims applied to an N2 alpha beta core tool at 225°, 180°, and 135° angles to convert it to accommodate N core samples (this can be done with the H alpha beta core tool as well).