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Impala 1 Metal Core Tray Lid

Features & Benefits

The metal core tray lid serves as a protective covering for the core tray, enclosing and securing the core samples stored within. It helps to safeguard the samples from external elements such as dust, moisture, and contamination, ensuring their integrity and preservation during storage and transportation.

The Impala 1 Metal Core Tray lid is likely designed to precisely fit the corresponding Impala 1 core tray, providing a snug and secure seal to prevent any damage or loss of the core samples. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and accuracy of the geological data obtained from these samples, making it an essential component in the core sample management process.

Westernex has 2-sided and 4-sided metal core tray lids to suit Impala 1 Plastic Core Trays, other custom sizes can be manufactured to your requirements. Lids can also be supplied with foam lining.