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KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility and Conductivity Meters
The KT-10 meters are a line of handheld instruments that measure the magnetic susceptibility and/or conductivity of a geological sample or core. The meters are available in circular and rectangular coil designs to measure large or small sized samples, respectively.  The KT-10 meters produce repeatable results, and include features such as corrections for split and full cores, the ability to input information to correlate measurements to their appropriate depths, a built-in microphone to record voice notes, and the GeoView data management/visualization software.  With its compact and rugged design, the KT-10 meters are ideal instruments for use in the field, core shack, or lab.


  • Stand-alone units with display and data storage.
  • High sensitivity for magnetic susceptibility (10-7 SI units with KT-10H models) and conductivity (1 S/m).
  • Three modes of operation: discrete measurements, continuous scanning (20 readings per second), or borehole (correlate measurements to their depth in the borehole).
  • Measure core split and full drill core, rock samples, outcrop, chips or powdered samples.
  • Split and full core corrections for standard drill rod diameters (AQ, BQ, HQ, NQ and PQ) and non-standard sizes (2.4 to 12 cm).
  • Data running average and standard deviation values displayed during discrete measurements; data averages and maximum values provided during scanning.
  • Pin mode to measure samples with uneven surfaces (available with circular coil designs only).
  • Built-in microphone to record voice notes with measurements.
  • GeoView software to organize and visualize data on a PC.
  • Compatible with Geobank Software (available from Micromine, www.micromine.com).
  • Upgrades and support available via the internet.

GeoView Software
GeoView is an easy-to-use data management and visualization software program that is compatible with all Windows operating systems. It enables users to download, store and view a KT-10 meter’s data on a PC and export it to Excel.  Data is organized by date or by instrument serial number, when there are data from multiple meters. Averaged readings, voice notes, and GPS positions (when paired with a Bluetooth GPS unit) can also be reviewed. The software can also be used as a data visualization tool.  Numerical values from discrete measurements are displayed in a table format; data from scanned measurements are displayed as a graph.

Data Organisation through GeoView

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Data Visualisation through GeoView

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