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Almonte Core Saw Automatic 3 Phase

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Cutting core samples has always been an irksome task especially if it meant using a modified brick saw.
Now, the danger, mess, fatigue and serious risks to the safety of the operator need be no more.

Below are just a few points to consider:
It is the only Auto Saw in the world to be safe and advanced enough to be awarded the CE mark so it can be sold anywhere in the EU also the only one that conforms to the strict CSA requirements so it can be sent to the USA & Canada
It has a larger 7.5 kw motor
It meets mining CAT 4 electrics safety requirements
A modified gearbox and motor that has more torque than ever.
* Our Patented ergonomic red handle with inbuilt flap for the front of the blade hood to offer safer/easier lifting of the hood and to also cover the entry point into the blade area (possible pinch area) all making the saw much safer for the operator
* Our Patented Safety System attached to the blade hood is much safer than ever before (coded magnetic switch to prevent bypass i.e. tamper proof)
Bigger and more robust control buttons.
An up to date safety instructions and manual, written by a mines safety inspector/specialist.
Unique safety labelling giving clear instruction and warnings to the operator.

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