westernex 1101-00226
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Extension Rod

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Features & Benefits
Aluminium tubes and threads are light weight and resistant to corrosion. Steel tubes and threads are ideal for strength and rigidity.

Dormer Soil Samplers is a small Australian owned business that specialises in the design and manufacture of portable, hand operated soil sampling and drilling equipment for use in soils and sands, both dry and wet. They have been manufacturing this equipment in Australia since 1953 and have a worldwide reputation for excellent quality and simplicity of use.

Their equipment is in 92 countries. Dormer Soil Samplers manufactures many styles of hand auger, soil auger, sand auger, soil drill, soil samplers, earth auger, earth drill, sand sampler and wet soil sampler. These are used to: sample soil; sample sand; sample below water; and hand drill soil and sand.

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