CORTEX Barcode Bag Scanners

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Barcode Scanner Kit
The Cortex Scanning companion is a feature rich and easy to
use application for scanning sample Ids. Designed to optimise geological workflows, this unit can integrate directly with geological databases for automatic transfer of sample scanned data.

• Rugged IP67 Hardware
• Customizable QC Policies
• In Scan QA with on screen alerts
• Direct SQL Connectivity and file export facility
• Photo capability

• Significantly save time spent on manual process
• Increase productivity
• Reduce human errors
• Increase data integrity
• Minimise double handling
• Enforce business processes
• Optimise business operations
• Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness

As with all Cortex Companion applications, this unit can be integrated into the wider Cortex ecosystem such as the NURV for real-time data monitoring and cloud-based analysis.


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