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Aerosolv® 7000 Safe Aerosol Recycling System

Aerosolv® Model 7000 Safe Aerosol Can Recycling System
Processing aerosol cans with the Aerosolv system results in an empty steel can with a small, smooth-edged hole, in five seconds, without spills or jagged edges.
And, is no compressed gas, so it’s ready for recycling with other scrap steel. This Simplifies Aerosol Can Disposal, the Aerosolv puncturing unit threads directly to the 50mm (2”) bung of any 60 or 205L drum. Simply place an aerosol can into the Aerosolv unit and lock the safety cap. With a press of the handle, a carbide-tipped puncture pin pierces the dome of the can. The carbide tip is non-sparking, one of many safety features you’ll appreciate.

Liquids, Collect Directly into the Drum
That’s the neatest feature of the system. Residual liquids collect safely in the drum, ready for eventual transportation without further handling. And one 205L drum will hold the residual liquids from 4,000 spent aerosol cans. As a solid waste, the same cans would require at least forty 205L lab-pack drums at a disposal cost of $20,000 or more.

Residual Propellant is Filtered of VOCs
The Combination Filter threads directly to the 20mm (3/4”) bung of the drum, one of the many safety features incorporated into the system. Although not required for aerosol can disposal, the filter addresses air quality and emissions standards.

The Combination Filter features
The base of the Combination Filter is the Coalescing Cartridge. In it, the specially designed filter media coalesces microscopic liquids from the escaping propellant and forms them into droplets. The droplets collect in the reservoir of the Coalescing cartridge and can be easily drained, directly into the drum if desired, by opening the drain valve on the bottom. Dry propellant then moves through the Activated Carbon Cartridge that adsorbs hydrocarbons and odor.

The Activated Carbon Cartridge Contains
500 grams of Activated Carbon Made from ground coconut shell, the activated carbon promotes rapid evacuation of the propellant from even a full aerosol can. The advanced colourmetric carbon cartridge will clearly indicate cartridge replacement for
maximum efficiency.

Accommodates a wide assortment of aerosol cans, even 75mm jumbo cans.
Whatever size can, the Aerosolv unit smoothly pierces the dome.

Puncture Pin:  Designed for safety and longevity, the Puncture Pin is non-sparking and has shown no visible wear after 10,000 uses.
And the punctured can have no sharp jagged edges or crushed metal.

Aerosolv Model 7000 Includes

  • Advanced Puncturing Device-Teflon Coated
  • Automatic Shut-off Valve
  • Combination Colormetric Carbon Filter
  • Anti-Static Wire
  • Safety Goggles

Maintenance Repair Kit – Accessories

  • 1 x Carbide-Tipped Puncture Pin with O-Rings
  • 1 x Aeroprene Gasket
  • 1 x Spring
  • 3 x Bridge
  • Pins
  • 1 x Tube of Grease
  • Aeroprene Gasket
  • Viton® Gasket (Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours & Co.)

Replacement Parts – Filters

  • Combination Coalescing Filter with Replaceable Colormetric Carbon Cartridge.
    Replacement Colormetric Carbon Cartridges (pack of 2)