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Carton Box (also suitable for Geochem Bags)

Features & Benefits

To be used for an assortment of packaging purposes. Also suits for storage of Geochem Bags.

Please note: Although each Geochem Bag has its corresponding Geochem Carton, our 5″ x 10″ – 125mm x 250mm bags (SKU: B36) also fit into our 4″ x 8″ x 15″ – 100mm x 200mm x 375mm cartons (SKU: CTN8415).

  • Come in an array of sizes depending on your needs
  • Two bag options: wire tie or plain
  • Composed of high-quality materials
  • The sturdy and high-strength paper will protect samples
  • Designed for both wet and dry samples
  • Our bags come with corresponding Geochem Cartons
  • Westernex offers a multitude of labelling options
  • For storage of samples

Westernex has provided the Exploration and Mining sector with top-quality sample bags for many years. Our Geochem Bags have been specifically designed and created for both wet and dry samples. We have tried and tested them, and these bags deliver.

Westernex Geochem bags are made from sturdy and high-strength paper in order to provide great protection for your precious samples. Westernex Geochem Cartons are also composed of high-quality materials that provide support and security for your bags. Both our Geochem Bags and Cartons come in an array of sizes as well as two bag type options: Wire Tie and Plain (No Tie).

All Westernex manufacturers abide by the ETI code.