Hey Krystal, I’ve used them all during my career:

• Pelican pick, wrecking bar & hand saw
• Manual collar cutter
• Petrol 2-stroke & 4- stroke
• Bent shaft and straight shaft
• 2 x Other Branded Battery Collar cutters

And now the new Battery powered Westernex Collar Cutter, a machine made for the year 2020. Light weight construction, well balanced, simple, safe, easy to use, very quiet, less vibration and most importantly has the grunt equal to, if not better than any petrol collar cutter that I have used.
We trailed the cutter in both soft regolith and fresh rock (GMD) down at the bottom of the pit, to my surprise it performed exceptional well. The combination of RPM and light weight construction, means cutting is breeze, resulting in a nice clean cut at depth. Even the greenest of techies can master the art of cutting after a few collars.
No more fumes, no more flammable liquid usage and storage concerns, no more trigger lock, isolation is easy (Simply remove the battery) no heat, no burn for the left handers, reduced decibels, minimum service required, reduced vibration and you don’t need to be all big and strong to cut collars safely & efficiently.
Battery life- We cut ten collars, 4 x in fresh rock and 6 in topsoil/overburden and there was still plenty of juice remaining.
In my opinion, not only the best battery collar cutter out there, possibly is the top machine on the market (Battery & Petrol) .

Exploration- KCGM

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