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What is a Plastic Core Tray?

A plastic core tray is a storage container used in the mining and geological exploration industries to organize and store core samples obtained from drilling operations. These trays are typically made of durable plastic material, designed to withstand the rigors of handling and transportation in demanding environments.

Plastic core trays feature compartments or slots where cylindrical core samples, usually extracted from the earth’s subsurface, can be securely placed for storage and analysis. The trays come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different core sample dimensions and quantities.

The primary purpose of a plastic core tray is to facilitate the systematic organization and cataloging of core samples, allowing geologists, engineers, and other professionals to easily access, examine, and analyse the samples for geological and mineralogical information.

Plastic Core Trays also play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and preservation of core samples during storage and transportation to laboratory facilities for further analysis and testing.

Overall, they are essential tools in the core drilling process, providing efficient and reliable storage solutions for core samples that are vital for understanding subsurface geology, identifying mineral deposits, and making informed decisions in mining and exploration projects.